Monday, 8 April 2013

The Three Secret Solvers - Secret Murder

I have written a book 'Secret Murder' which is under the series 'The Three Solvers' which is my first book I have written. You can get this book free from here :

Please do take the book and give a review on it if you like it. If you find any mistakes do inform me about it in my email :

The reason I wrote this book is because it was our class assignment. Now as I have written a book I just wanted to have some reader so that is why I uploaded it to Smashwords. It might be boring as it is my first book. I am writing my second book of this series at the Moment : 'Kidnapped in Kolabagan'.


Sunday, 10 February 2013


Okay! I have gone about it with my teacher...Good thing he had suggested me the books I already have.
The Books :
1) Sherlock Holmes Volume 1
2) Sherlock Holmes Volume 2
This two books might even take more than a year.
3) A Murder is Announced
4) Treasure Island
5) Refugee Boy ( My school Book)
This five books I have and I was told that this book would good for me for the moment as they are really big.
I have been also suggested to videos to improve my listening skill and some other skills like writing. But I thought of not seeing so much movies , I might see one or two but mostly I will listen to English Islamic Lectures , They will improve in different ways like in Islamic way, listening skill and I also think it will improve my writing skill though I might be wrong.
Hmmm Then about Grammar I got two books :
1) Intermediate English Grammar
2) Wren & Martin
I will be using this two books for now on to improve my English.
For writing I have to use handouts of my school and of internet.
Until now I have this much plan, If anyone can suggest me to improve my English then email me in my address :
I will moderate it more. Help me to moderate it.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mastering Web Designing

Hmmm... It was a thinng I had to research a lot. I do web designing through a software called Joomla 2.5. SO before I learned about it through seeing a video tutorial. It was quiet fun. I liked it that is why I wanna see more but the problem is the professional video tutorial needs to be bought. I do not have the enough money to buy it. I can not find any perfect tutorial for it. So I have thought of taking documents.  I did find out documents.  I am searching for documents with pictures (examples). If anyone knows any url where I will find it then do inform in my email :
Right now i have a feeling that I do not have a perfect plan so I have to work it in a little bit more.
Hope me luck.......

Learning Python

At last I have done it !!!!!
I have planed about learning python, I have got a website name here I got a small 7 week course of the fundamentals of python, it is perfect for the beginners. So I am going start it  by this week. Then I also got a book for python, you know the book "Head First Python". I hope this will be helpful to me.
I will speed up after my finals but for now it might only one hour a week. So I hope this works out.
If anyone can suggest me more supplies do contact me in my email : 

Friday, 8 February 2013


I have made a complete plan of Mastering QBASIC
My school's computer studies book have taught me the basics. Now I am trying to know the harder ones.
So I have gone through the INTERNET, I have found some tutorials and some others. So I have planned to go through them. Then I will watch some video tutorials which I think will clear out my confusion and make me more sure about how to do it. But the problem is I do not have a perfect tutorial so if anyone knows any good tutorial and which is free then please inform me in my email :
But the thing I have more things to do, so I can't actually so how much time should I give. I think giving 1 hour or half an hour will be enough for mastering QBASIC, I think until  the end of the year I will be able to master the things. So if there is any suggestions, do please email.


So, this is my start. I have no idea what to write. But I don't want to keep the page empty so at least I will write about what is my plan to do for this year so that the person who is expert on the things I want to know can help me.
A list of plans :                                                                                                                                          
  •  Improve my self in Islam
  •  Read QURAN fluently
  •  Learn Python 
  •  Master QBASIC
  •  Get GPA 4.8/5.0 in my finals of the final (although I do not want to study but I have no other choice I have to do good to do good in my life)
  •  improve my English, (reading a lot of books) ( although it is study related )
  • Finishing the Sudoku easy part . ( I have a small book where I play sudoku)                                                                                                                                                                                             
So if there is anyone to help me out with this ideas. If anyone have mastered this works do give me suggestions of doing it .  If you can help me do email me :
Okay, I will be giving the plan  of mine about Learning Python , Mastering QBASIC , Mastering Web designing and to improving English. But i am not giving it now, later. So for now on Bye ! ! ! !


Hello !
This is my start with writing blogs. So I will be first introducing myself.
I am yet a student in Lakehead Grammar in Class 6 , soon I will be in Class 7. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
I am a Muslim. Here is a list of things I am interested in :
* web designing
* programing
* graphics designing
* you may tell everything related computers.
 So you may guess that I wanna be a computer engineer. If you do that then you are right. I do want to be a computer engineer.
* Islam
Not with studying.  I do not like studying, especially the subjects where I  need to memorize a lot.
And more.
Whatever !! At the moment I have finished web designing . I did create an Islamic website that is (don't mind I am kind of boasting at the moment but I do really want everyone to know my website and I want everyone to join the forum, so that is why where ever I go I make everyone know that I have created a Website). Now I have told a lot about me. Insha'Allah I will try to be regular with blogs. But I can't say I will. There might be a lot of mistakes in my writing because I am horrible  in writing.
That is why I have started writing blogs, to improve English. So I hope I will success in my Target. If you find any mistakes do inform me. It would be better if you inform me through email. Because I check my email everyday. (DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING THAT IS USELESS , NOT ANYTHING BAD, I DO NOT LIKE WASTING TIME)
For now on it ends here.